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Commercial Office Window Films in Akron, Canton, Cleveland

Why Use Commercial Window Film For Your Structure?

In today's modern architecture having a window friendly environment is a main focus during the design process of building a new structure. We all love windows in our lives it is the connection with the outdoors that makes us want that window seat on an airline or a restaurant, working in an office with no windows is not something most people want, most people strive for that corner office with windows.

We all want glass but unfortunately we have many issues with structures made with a lot of glass:
   1. Large windows increase the sun entering a structure causing a rise in temperature inside a structure
   2. Glare becomes a problem at certain times of day making it hard to see a computer screen or TV
   3. When the suns UV rays enter your office they damage wood floors, woodwork, walls, artwork
       carpeting, curtains and even your skin.

The solution to the problems modern architecture creates is Commercial Window Film. Using Commercial
Window Tinting Film will:
   1. Reduce the temperature in a large glass structure by up to 15º
   2. Allow your employees to be more efficient because glare can be reduced by up to 85%
   3. Reduce damaging UV rays from entering your structure by 99.9%
   4. Prolong the life of air conditioning units due to the reduction of its use
   5. This is a "Green" technology that will save you money and protect the environment

Interior Office Window Film in Akron

Select Line of Window Film Gives Your Windows a "Clear Appearance"

If you are looking for a Window Tint to mainly protect your interior from UV damage then our Huper Optiks Select line of window film is the perfect product for you, the clarity of this product is unmatched in the window film industry, we hold the patent on the technology which gives this film its superior performance.

The customers that this clear film is ideal for are businesses that want visibility from outside but protection from the sun's damaging UV rays  like:
   1. Car Dealerships
   2. Carpet and Rug Stores
   3. Any Interior Accessory Store
   4. Any other business where visibility is vital to success

Building Window Tinting

Privacy Window Film for Maximum Protection and Privacy

Our line of Dual Reflective Window Film is both superior in all areas of performance (glare reduction, heat reduction, UV protection and privacy) plus it's an economical value. This is the film you see that looks reflective (mirrored) from the outside during the day but is able to provide a tinted view of the outdoors.

We carry many different lines of Privacy Window Film these film are both good for privacy and for architectural design. These are the films that give an appearance of frosted or sandblasted glass. We also have privacy films that look like cut glass. If you are looking for something a little more colorful check out our line of Decorative Window Films, or our complete line of Home Window Films.

Commercial Window Tinting Film and Security Film
Window Security Film Before Bomb Blast...

Our Window Security Film Can Help Protect Your Property

We also carry a line of Window Security Film, these films will help protect your store or office from vandals and "smash and grab" thieves by adding a layer of 8 mill film to the inside of your glass windows protecting your property by making it extremely hard to gain access to your building.

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Huper Optik Window Tinting Films

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