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Why Use Residential Window Film?

With today's modern home being built with an abundance of glass the need for Home Window Film was never greater, not only does it provide UV protection from the sun's damaging rays but it also reduces the sun's radiant heat from entering your home through the glass. Our patented line of Huper Optiks film has been shown to reduce the temperature in a structure by up to 15º.

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Home Window Tinting in Canton and Cleveland

Tinted Windows Protects Your Homes Interior

We love the view glass provides but unfortunately we have many issues from unprotected glass:
   1. Large windows create a problem with the suns heat entering your home, increasing the interiors temperature
   2. The sun's damaging UV rays fade your carpet, rugs, wall coverings and damages woodwork, wood floors, artwork
       and window treatments
   3. Glare makes it difficult to watch TV or work on your computer

The solution is using Residential Window Tinting Film, it can:
   1. Reduce your homes interior temperature in a large great room by up to 15º
   2. Allow your family to enjoy the great room again by reducing glare can be reduced by up to 85%
   3. Reduce the damaging UV rays from entering your home by 99.9%
   4. Save Money and Energy by using our line of home window films

Residential Glass Tint

Our Select Line of Home Window Film Gives You a "Clear Appearance"

Today we have many options in Residential Glass Tint you can use our dual reflective window film, this provides the best value for your money. We also have a Ceramic Window Film this is a step up from dual reflective and provides a clearer view to the outside. Our best line of film is the Select line of window film this film is a patented film that is exclusive to Huper Optiks, it provides the best performance with the clearest view on the market. Princeton University did a study on window films and were so impressed with the performance of our Select line of Window Film that they used our film on the Universities windows.

View the Princeton University Case Study here: Princeton University Window Film

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*data provided depends on which of the Huper Optik Film used
**Huper Optik Ceramic Series only
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