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In today's glass friendly environment many home and business owners are faced with the problem of fading furniture, carpeting and even wood floors and walls. Unprotected glass cause an increase in UV damage to just about everything in your home from floor coverings, artwork and pictures on the walls, the wood on cabinets, tables, buffets and so much more.

Terminology: "Window Film is a retrofit upgrade that is generally installed to flat glass in existing buildings. When installed to vehicles it is referred to as Window Tinting. This is due to the fact that the large majority of automotive window films are dark coloured (tinted), whereas window films for commercial installation are typically clear. The two industries are complementry, and many installation companies offer both services."


The sun also increases heat entering a structure and glare coming into your home or office which makes watching television or working on a computer an almost impossible task. In today's architecture  this becomes more prevalent in homes and office buildings with windows being made larger than normal. We love the light and the views from large windows but we can do without the damage the sun causes.

By using our Huper Optik line of Residential Window Films you can now enjoy natural light without sacrificing your view. There's no need for mini blinds, curtains or dark, dyed, metallic films.


Window Film
Tinted Glass Keeps This Home up to
15 Degrees Cooler in the Hot Summer Months

  • HEAT REJECTION of up to 70%

  •  GLARE REDUCTION up to 85%

  • PATENTED European Technology
  • LIFETIME Residential Warranty

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  • Home Window Tinting. Using a product like Window Tinting is is a choice for lower energy costs and at the same time it will protect you home's interior from the damage the sun causes, untreated windows are like magnifying glasses to your homes interior and left untreated will cause a host of problems from fading to deterioration, that will equate to paying more for replacement than spending the money for prevention. Learn more by contacting us and having a no pressure demonstration of our product, fill out the form on the left side of the screen and we will contact you shortly.

    "Princeton University"

    Commercial Window Tinting Princeton University

    Princeton University’s Building of Design and
    Construction, 200 Elm Street, which houses the green energy project team, and administrative group, wanted to explore a film application that would deliver green friendly results, and energy savings that would not compromise the historical aspects of campus buildings that were over 100 years old.

    When faced with the challenges of conserving energy, and preserving the views in all campus facilities, Princeton’s Facility Management and Green Energy Project Teams considered replacing the glass of all the buildings in question. Hüper Optik® was able to prevent the release of more fossil fuel into the environment by circumventing new glass production, at a fraction of the cost. All installations were completed without any downtime for normal campus activities.

    Read the whole Case Study:
    Princeton University



    The solution to solar control is home window tinting or commercial tint. We use state of the art Huper Optik films that reduce the sun's damaging UV ray's by 99.9% (the leading cause of fading).

    Unlike the glass coatings of previous generations our auto window tint and new house window film comes in a variety of shades that are both permanent and undetectable. Enjoy the natural light along with your beautiful view without suffering the consequences of the damaging UV rays and heat build-up in your home or business.

    Our home window tinting films are the finest in the industry and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, also our Commercial Window Film has a limited 15 year warranty. Our warranties are some of the strongest in the industry.


    "I Would Highly Recommend..."

    In the summer of 2007, I had HUPER OPTIK ceramic window films installed on my house window wall facing the west. It has been one year now and I am totally pleased with this product. Prior to installation, I continually had problems with extensive heat build up due to the afternoon sun heating up the interior of my home. Now with the film, the heat is reflected and there is a lot less glare. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. The installation was quick and easy and I want to thank you for a job well done.

    Richard Skraba


    Before and After Photos Showing Glare Reduction and Added Protection From UV Damage

    Faded Carpeting From Sun Damage

    Sun Room Before Film Installation

    Sun Room After Film Installation

    Environmentally Friendly -"Green"
    - We are an "Energy Star Partner"
    - Using more glass in today's structures will reduce the need for artificial lighting
    - Home Window Film will decrease the heat gain in to a structure

    Cool Comfort
    - Our Solar Film rejects heat by up to 70%*
    - Keeping your house cooler with less sun glare makes it more enjoyable

    German Protection
    - Very high (UV) rejection that will block 99.9% of the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays
    - Our Glass Film protects individuals by reducing the sun's radiation that enters a structure
    - Security Window Films Reduce the chance of shattering glass causing injury for your home or office
    - Reduces the fading damage to your possessions

    Excellent Durability
    - 100% free of dye and metal**; no discoloration or de-metallization of our films
    - Residential lifetime limited warranty and commercial fifteen year limited warranty

    - Our Films have a look of luxury
    - No metallic or shiny appearance
    - Minimal "mirror-like" look, which gives a stunning clear look to the world outside

    Energy Reduction
    - Our Home Window Tinting products prolongs the life span of your air conditioner reducing it's use, wear and tear of the unit, the overall effect is a lower electric bill and longer life of your air conditioning unit

    Professional Install
    - We have a global dealers network that will install your film with the utmost attention to detail and our commitment to doing the best job possible for our customers


    "It Has Saved My New..."

    I want to thank you for the service you performed at my home 8/15/07. Your technicians were very polite and informational. The Ceramic 30 Huper Optik film that was applied to my living room picture window has made a significant difference in my home. It has saved my new furniture from fading and has kept the temperature in my home comfortable. The afternoon sun used to cause an uncomfortable increase in heat and glare. I no longer have those issues. Thank you again and you may be hearing from my  neighbors that were impressed with the film as well...

    Gladys Eboch




    You can not only see the difference in the Huper Optik line of films you can also feel the difference. Our patented line of products are virtually clear which is what our customers have desired for years but until now it has been difficult to accomplish without sacrificing performance because the way most other products work is that to get better results for the customer you have to have a darker tint to control the suns UV rays, but today you can have a "clear" film without sacrificing any performance.

    Princeton University did a study on our film and found that our Patented Select Line of home window tinting can reduce the heat entering a room by up to 15º. They liked what they found so much that they had our Select Series of Commercial Window Tint installed on the glass in the University, or you can use our line of privacy film to keep you and your families lives private.

    Commercial Window Film. In today's modern architecture having a window friendly environment is a main focus during the design process of building a new structure. We all love windows in our lives it is the connection with the outdoors that makes us want that window seat on an airline or a restaurant, working in an office with no windows is not something most people want, most people strive for that corner office with windows.

    We have Huper Optik dealers around the country that can help you choose the right product for your home or business. You can contact us by filling out the form on the left or by going to the contact us page below. The "Green" movement is growing in today's world and by using our home window tinting you to can join the movement and help protect the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

    "Dark" Appearance  / "Clear" Appearance
    The Clarity of Our Glass Tint
    "Changing the way your house feels not the way it looks"

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    Huper Optik Window Tinting Films

    *data provided depends on which of the Huper Optik Film used
    **Huper Optik Ceramic Series only
    Huper Optik are Registered Trademarks